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All solid state industrial quality construction

LED readout indicates next valve ready to fire
Proportional cleaning via 4‐20 mA signal
Remote operating capability
Adjustable On/Off times
120 VAC 50/60 Hz, Single Phase
1 amp fuse protection
UL Recognized to US and Canadian Standards
Full 1‐year warranty
Made in theUSA

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When monitoring the operation of  a Dust Collector, there are times when the operator will need to increase or decrease the pulse cleaning rate in order to maintain the system differential pressure at an optimized level.

To continually monitor the dust collector and manually adjust for the various differential pressures is not economical and will typically result in the bags being cleaned much more than necessary.  This can result in a much shorter bag life and a considerable increase in air consumption.

To overcome this, Electronic Designs offers the DP Transmitter, which will read the pressure difference in your dust collector and adjust the pulse rate automatically. This means the bags are pulsed only when cleaning is neded, thus saving air and prolonging bag life.

Our Model DP10LS1 Transmitter can be used in conjunction with any of our solid state timers or with a customer's existing PCL via 4‐20 mA signal.

Principles of Operation
The operator presets a fixed differential pressure via a control setting on the timer. The DP Transmitter then generates a 4‐20 mA signal that corresponds to a 0‐10" WC reading. This signal is sent to the timer and compared to the operator's preset differential pressure setting.  If the work load increases, the differential pressure will go higher, the 4‐20 mA signal increases and the bags will pulse more frequently.   As well as when the work load decreases, a signal will be sent to the timer telling it to pulse less.