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The industry workhorses are the E6CH1 (six‐point) and E10CH1 (ten‐point) timers. They will operate continuously or via hold‐off signal timer will operate "on‐demand."

Each of the outputs has a switching capacity of 1 Amp at 120 VAC. By relocating the program wire from Position #10 (on the Timer) to the number of positions desired, the timer will pulse only from Position #1 through the programmed number.

This is a continuous cycle timer and the pulse rate is set and adjusted by the operator via OFF‐ADJ and ON‐ADJ potentiometers to preferred time settings. The timer cycling can be stopped or placed on "Hold" by energizing the timer Hold‐Off circuit. This is accomplished by applying a 120 VAC signal to the Hold‐Off Terminals. Isolation circuitry is incorporated into the timer which allows the Hold‐off function to be accomplished from a remote location.

All solid state industrial quality construction

120 VAC 50/60Hz, Single Phase
1 amp maximum capacity per output
1 amp fuse protection
Hold‐Off capability, either Local or Remote.
LED indicates timer operation
Line Surge Protection
Pilot lamp indicates power on
Adjustable ON time: 50‐150 sec, Adjustable OFF time: 3‐ 60 sec
UL Recognized to US and Canadian Standards
Full 1‐year warranty
Made in the USA

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