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The E‐MH Series Timers are a combination "Clean on Demand" and hold‐off timer. They are capable of switching 10 (E10MH1), 20 (E20MH1) or 40 (E40MH1) outputs.

The "Clean on Demand" feature utilizes a proportional OFF time control by means of a 4‐20 mA signal that is generated by the Delta P transmitter. The OFF time is determined by comparing the actual differential pressure (DP signal) with a preset desired level (timer setting). The timer automatically adjusts the pulse rate as needed in order to maintain the preset level.

An illuminated digital readout indicates the next valve position to be fired.

What does it all mean? With proportional cleaning, your air usage is minimized and your filter bags are only pulsed when needed. This means a savings in air usage and a longer bag life.

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MODEL E10MH1, E20MH1, E40MH1

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All solid state industrial quality construction
LED readout indicates next valve ready to fire
Proportional cleaning via 4‐20 mA signal
Remote operating capability
Adjustable On/Off times
120 VAC 50/60 Hz, Single Phase
1 amp fuse protection
UL Recognized to US and Canadian Standards
Full 1‐year warranty
Made in the USA